Misha’s back!


It’s been one and a half years …

Yup, it’s been sooooo long since I last wrote something on my own personal blog. What happened? Well, life happened. I started working as a content writer in a firm. Then, I moved cities, became a freelance writer, got two cats, started training as a dancer and became a Zumba instructor. It was hectic. But it was worth it.

But I’m back now! I think full-time writers often forget to write for themselves. To write what they want. To express their inner most thoughts, forbidden feelings and to douse the flames of their demon’s desires. What will I write about? What I always do – my musings.

Misha’s back, bitches!


I Miss Being 16.

I miss how my hands would be clammy when my crush passed by in the hallway, obviously oblivious to my existence on planet Earth.

I miss how I’d devour with the utmost pleasure, a heavenly ice-cream cone with droplets of melted cream running on the side of my arm without a care in the world.

I miss those drinking binges in which I’d come home in a drunken stupor and wake up the next day with not much to show of a hangover than a mild headache.

I miss the feeling of skipping classes because I thought I was smarter than the professor and a day with my girlfriends felt like a boon compared to the bane of listening to an oldie recite Maslow’s law.

But most of all, I miss being 16.

Yes, 16. That age when you think you’re an adult, you behave like one but you’re still a child. That age when you first experience the joy of sexual love, struggle with “fitting in” with the cool kids and your biggest worry is how to get rid of that pus-oozing pimple that makes you look hideous in a selfie.

Oh, how I miss being 16!

Oh, how I miss being 16!

They say why did we ever stop having sleepovers? Why did we stop eating ice-cream without counting calories? Or why we think a million times before falling in love?

Because, my dear, we had to grow up. We have to earn our pay cheques, we have to make rent, we have to pay for our booze and, one day, we’ll have to pay for our mortgages.

But, silly me, I still enjoy that deliciously sinful ice-cream or pass by my office crush with a sheepish smile on my face.

Because I have to remind myself that I was 16 once and I can be again.

Kiss Me Goodnight

Her eyes were unlike anyone’s he’d seen — blue pupils with hints of green. She walked elegantly, spoke only when needed, and made him feel warm in all the right places. Why didn’t he meet her before?

Every morning he awoke to her soft breathing. He watched her chest rise and ebb repeatedly for some time before going about his daily chores. Her angelic countenance always made the world less daunting to face. Her sun-kissed face always curved the edges of his lips.

He’d always sleep-in during weekends but today, unfortunately, was a weekday. Heaving a sigh of relief, he kissed the top of her forehead and got to work. Quickly, he resumed his daily banter: shaving, bathing, pouring a mug of coffee, scrambling some eggs. As he went about his day, she stirred in her sleep. He left some eggs for her and went to work.


After dusk, he returned. He used his keys to open the doors and she greeted him with a smile on her lips that even brightened her eyes. Was there more to life that this?

She served his favourite meal: roast chicken with a side salad. He relished each bite while she smiled and recalled her day. Suddenly, she stopped, her spoon halted mid-air. She looked expressionless, dead.

There was no alarm in his eyes, no word said. He swung his chair next to hers and stroked her back. Finally, she asked him who he was and why she was here. They say love can conquer all but can it climb higher than a mountain? Because a mountain was what these two lovers faced. And just like that they’re happy day was extinguished.

He put her to bed, gave a handful of pills and kissed her forehead. And then he watched her cherubic face fall asleep and dream. One day she wouldn’t know him, won’t recognize him; wouldn’t even know the first word of the English alphabet.

But he would know what true love is. And maybe, just maybe, that’s a mountain worth conquering.

Love By Coincidence

They say change is the most permanent thing in life. Of course, most of the time, this “change” they refer to means situations, circumstances and scenarios. Rarely does it mean people.

Now don’t get me wrong: people rarely change drastically. I believe everybody changes bit by bit every day. So by the end of the year, the person you loved may not be the same person you loved at the beginning of the year. You may not change your routine, you may not change your zip code or even your shampoo, but you will change on the inside.


We learn new things, we assimilate new experiences and we gather new knowledge. Every day is a day where we learn something and arrive at some conclusion. It could be a slight change in an opinion or a change in feelings or an alterations of facts a person believed was once true but has now been proven false. The point I’m trying to make is: we may not change drastically unless something drastic or traumatic happens to us, but we do change in small increments every day, every week and every year. Sometimes, these increments accumulate over the years and changes us significantly. And suddenly you don’t recognize yourself or the person you loved 2 years or 20 years back.

The problem is: change is normal, inevitable even. Especially these little changes. And the fact that two people still love each other after so many years of small changes which in turn amount to a significant change, is just a happy coincidence.

How can you expect someone who loved you 3 years back to love you even now? Ask yourself this: was I the same person when this person loved me on that fateful day? People change and it’s a great blessing if someone who loved you 10 years back still loves you today.

That’s the reason why so many relationships and marriages fail. They especially fail when one person goes off and has an experience without their partner. If one partner travels often or has a traumatic experience and the other one doesn’t, he or she has experienced something that leads to a significant change, while the other partner hasn’t. Change in people isn’t always so obvious, but it happens.

Love is many things but it’s also this huge coincidence. Meeting someone who has a connection with you and falls in love with you is a happy coincidence.
One partner changes and the other partner realizes he or she doesn’t love him or her anymore is also an unhappy coincidence.

So, today, if someone who loves you many years ago still loves you, take a moment to count your blessing. When people change, their qualities and personality change, and the person you loved may not be able to connect with you the same way they did when they met you.

Count your blessings. Remember no one has an obligation to love you forever. If they do, despite all you’ve been through in your life (the good, the bad and the ugly) then be grateful, give them a kiss and sleep tight knowing you’re one of the luckiest people on the planet.

The A to Z Of Cat Dictionary

Miss Shady

A meme created by me :) A meme created by me 🙂

A : Always look at me, even if I have my back to you.

B : Bath must ALWAYS be delayed, as far as possible.

C : Catnip to be provided on a daily basis!

D : Dogs are not a man’s best friend. (Woof! Woof!)

E : Egypt once worshipped me. I have never, ever forgotten that. And neither should you!

F : Fish is my staple diet. Fish. Tuna. Mackarel. Fish!

G : Give up trying to steal the cat treat packet from me.

H : High five isn’t in my dictionary. If you’re worth it, I’ll paw you.

I : I know I look pretty.

J : My jaw outline is sooo fine, I know.

K : The Queen knighted me once.

L :I do love you to death!

M : Make up is for losers.

N : I make cute…

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Little Lion

His fur tickled my skin

His paws pressed against my chin

His breath met mine

And it seemed everything stopped

Even time


Snowy’s soul connected to mine

And love spewed through

tears and saline

I cried because I loved him so

A feeling so pure I’d never know


But what made me unravel

Was that loud purr

That signaled the love that stirred

Beneath that pristine white fur


Snowy I Love You

A thousand times two

And souls like you are few

You made me born again,



He sits silently, perched atop the perimeter of his crib, licking his paws and sporadically glancing at me with those adorable, piercing navy blue eyes. He loves to play with strings and gorges on tuna. He loves warm spaces, smiling faces and springs a paw out when he wants affection.

His name’s Snowy and he’s a 12-year-old girl’s dream come true.


When I was 12, I took care of a pregnant cat for 3 days. Those 3 days I loved her, petted her, fed her and gave her whatever she wanted (or at least what I could decipher). Finally, she gave birth to four beautiful, nubile young kittens when I was away. That was the day I discovered a pet’s love and motivated me to beg to my father who wouldn’t allow me to keep a cute little kitten.

That all changed now. 13 years later, my mother asked me if I wanted a pet and of course, I pounced at the offer. I moved cities and changed my life, only because I wanted a kitten. Suddenly a dormant dream came true. Suddenly, after years of waiting, wishing, dreaming and petting other people’s cats, I finally had one of my own.

I was holding a pristine white, exotic Persian kitten in my hands and prancing around with it in my room. And suddenly I cried.

Having a pet is the most amazing, exhilarating feeling in the world. I don’t need to list down the myriad benefits that ensue from keeping a puppy or kitten in your home. But I will tell you this: it’s a lot of work. You’ve to clean its poop and pee, feed it regularly, pet it often and most importantly, take it to the vet when something’s wrong or when he or she needs his vaccines.

Sometimes, it gets a bit much, especially for a new kitten mommie such as myself. But God! the love it gives is worth every single minute of poop scooping. It’s worth every minute of pee cleaning and hours at the vet, it’s worth it cause every time I took into his eyes, my heart becomes a molten lava cake.

I love Snowy to death. He’s just been here for over a week and he’s already cured my sister’s back ache, brought positivity to my life and made me laugh and smile a million times.

He’s my Snowy and he’s perfect.


A Free Woman In A Free World

Feminism has, and always will be, a central topic of debate among scholars, philosophers, activists, social workers and academicians. Men, and often many women, fail to understand what it means to be a free woman and more importantly, what the life of a free woman looks in a free world. So what does that world look like? Here’s a gist:

  1. Men aspire to marriage as much as women: Why is it that women have to aspire to marriage and are bought up to fantasize about a handsome Prince Charming whisking them away? In a Utopian world, men aspire to marriage as much as women and also want babies as badly as their fairer counterparts.
  2. Respect and equal important of feministic qualities: No matter if a male or a female is endowed with feministic qualities, these traits shouldn’t be seen as “weak” or “sissy-like”. Instead, feministic qualities of cooperation, nurturing, communication and empathy are respected and given equal importance than masculine traits. What’s more, these feministic traits are respected in ALL INDUSTRIES and not just in care-giving roles. A CEO’s feministic approach to leadership is given the SAME level of importance as a firefighter with masculine qualities, regardless of the person’s gender or job profile.
  3. Freedom of Choice: In an idealistic world rife with equality, irrespective of gender bias and stereotypes, all men and women have freedom of choice. Women don’t have to give birth (gender bias) and men aren’t seen as default breadwinners of the family (stereotype). Everyone is given a choice, free from societal constraints or so-called norms.
  4. Freedom of judgement based on gender: If a woman doesn’t want to have babies, despite being gifted with the ability to give birth, she is free to do so without judgement. Similarly, a man can be a stay-at-home dad without judgement. Why should one’s gender lead to judgmental remarks?
  5. Women are masculine and men are feminine: I have met men who hide their feminine qualities because society says they shouldn’t be having them in the first place. In an idealistic world, men cry whenever they want and no one tells them “boys don’t cry” (which I think is utterly stupid. Crying is a form of catharsis for human beings and not just something women are only entitled to do). Women can have masculine qualities, even the ones who aren’t labelled lesbians or “tomboys” and men can have feminine qualities, even those who aren’t gay or labelled sissies.

Every man has a woman inside of him and even woman has a man inside of her. No one is a 100% masculine or a 100% feminine because duality exists in all of us (as it does in nature). If someone appears too masculine, remember, they just wish to hide their feminine side due to societal pressure and stereotyping.


Someday, I hope at least the aforementioned 5 points will be achieved and I will see a world where it doesn’t matter if you’re a male or female. Because gender really doesn’t matter. Human beings can define themselves, search for the meaning of life and reach their highest potential, regardless of one’s gender.  

If dogs ‘Bark’ and cats ‘Meow’, what do humans do?

Have you ever been curious about how we sound to animals? Sure, we speak in several languages, maybe even they do, but they all sound the same to us. A cat’s meows are never different from another nor is a dogs “woof” any different from others. Except for the tone, decibel and other differences in sound, all cats, dogs, wolves and frogs sound the same. So what do we sound like to them?

In that question is a small lesson that all animals impart to humans – the significance of body language. Sometimes, two people can speak the same language and fail to communicate a message, whereas, two people can speak different languages and still successfully communicate a message. That’s why some lovers are born without communicating in the same language and that is why pet owners are so attuned to their pets’ varying needs. A cat-owner will tell you exactly what his or her cat is thinking, feeling or experiencing at any moment in time because he or she understands the cat’s body language so well. Obviously, if a pet spoke English to an English-speaking owner it would make the process easier, but where’s the fun in that? More importantly, if your pet spoke and you understood, will that make your relationship better or worse? Sometimes, silent meows or a bark can say much more than a word. Sometimes, you don’t want to say anything to your pet, you just want your pet to understand you and you to understand him or her.

Pets teach us that actions, not words, define us and show someone how much we care about them. When you’re down in the dumps and your cuddly fur-ball detects it and comes to you to give you some love, tell me, what can be better than that? You don’t have to tell him or her anything, she just knows and comes to comfort you. Pets teach us we can have an emotionally fulfilling relationship with someone without using pretentious words that encourage false promises. Pets teach us that you don’t need a language to communicate with someone, you just need a generous dose of trust and understanding.

That is why owners take special care when a new pet arrives and make a sincere effort to gain the pet’s trust and understanding. Some may argue that, by giving a pet basic food and water to survive, the pet trusts you, but it won’t love you if you don’t love it back. Reciprocation, actions, understanding and trust make a successful relationship, not empty words, dubious promises and lacklustre shows of affection.

(This post is dedicated to Isis, the cat I never had)


Stop Chasing Happiness

When asked what your aspiration in life is, many say “To be happy”. There is a huge problem with this statement on so many levels. Yes, we all want to be happy, but people often forget that happiness is an emotion, it’s a state of being that rarely lasts year-round, forget a whole lifetime.

You see, human beings are designed to feel, to emote, to have urges, desires and dreams. Human beings are designed to feel a gamut of emotions, ranging from pure ecstatic joy to extreme suicidal depression. You have anger, rage, sadness, contempt, delight, satisfaction and so many more emotions. We are designed to feel these multifarious emotions on different levels and just like any other emotion, happiness is hard to sustain for prolonged periods of time. Yes, you can be happy a whole day, but even the happiest and most joyful people experience guilt or regret sometime during the day or week.


An aspiration of chasing a single emotion is inherently flawed by this reasoning. Even so-called happy people have days smeared with sadness, dissatisfaction or anger. Nobody can be happy for too long unless you force yourself to be and not many people have absolute and complete mastery of their emotions. These so-called “emotionless” people who put on a mask and feign indifference to their emotional state also feel. The only difference is that they feign indifference to the circumstance that bought on the emotion.

Instead of aspiring an emotion or something so vague, why not aspire for things that will lead to happiness? Chasing excellence will bring in career satisfaction and contentment. Aren’t inner peace, satisfaction in life and contentment better aspirations than simply being happy? You can be content and satisfied with your life and even attain inner peace, all of which last much longer than an emotion. Overall satisfaction and contentment lead to a much happier and fulfilled life. Don’t chase an emotion, instead, aspire excellence, strive for satisfaction and contentment in your life at an emotional, intellectual, physical and mental level. Remember, even happy people have bad days. And it’s OK, healthy even, to feel a variety of emotions rather than stick to one. For what is the value of happiness when it isn’t accompanied by sadness or guilt or even frustration?

You cannot chase an emotion, but you can chase a state of being. Chase inner peace. I promise you that is a much better aspiration.